Heritage Savings & Credit Union Inc. is your local financial institution that puts you, our member, first. Friendly service and knowledgeable staff are our cornerstones, providing secure financial transactions.

We take pride in caring for our members, as Heritage Savings was founded on integrity and trust. With each transaction, we get to know you better, and don’t be surprised if our staff get to know you on a first name basis.

Serving our community is our number one priority, providing many financial services including day-to-day banking, investments, mortgages, loans, and more! We believe in treating our members like family, committed to offering our community a personal approach to financial services.

Heritage Savings & Credit Union Inc. is owned, directed, and controlled by our member owners, as our Board of Directors are accountable for directing the affairs of Heritage Savings in the best interest of membership by following governing legislation by-laws and policy.

What makes a Credit Union different is that as a member of Heritage Savings, you have a say in our we operate, as well as how profits are distributed. Heritage Savings also falls under Provincial regulations, while Banks are subject to Federal legislation.

In Ontario’s Credit Union system, each depositor is insured to maximum of $100,000 on their deposits, as well as an additional $100,00 for each RRSP and RRIF contract amounts. Your funds are insured by the Deposit Insurance Corporation of Ontario.


The Heritage Savings & Credit Union Inc. History

Heritage Savings began in November 1952 as Harvester Employees Credit Union Limited was granted a charter under The Credit Union and Caisses Populaires Act, exclusively serving employees of International Harvester and their families.

In November 1985, Harvester Employees and Chatham Community Credit Union Limited merged, allowing for the creation of Heritage Savings & Credit Union Inc., a new community credit union to serve the area. We have since added many other credit unions to our membership including:

  • Kent School Employees Credit Union Limited
  • Blessed Sacrament (Chatham) Credit Union Limited
  • St. Joseph’s Church (Chatham) Credit Union Limited
  • Federal Civil Servant’s (Chatham) Credit Union Limited
  • The Municipal Employees (Chatham) Credit Union Limited

Today, we are able to offer personal loans, residential mortgages, commercial accounts, as well as a full range of deposit services to serve you and the community.