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Youth Account

Youth Account: 


Age 13-no longer in school                                                                                                                     


Debits, Cheques, Withdrawals, POS                                  

25  Free debits -  Additional Debits $.25                                                                                                      **Interact Fee HCU - $1.00,  Interac - $1.50,  Plus (U.S.) -$3.00 

Free unlimited Direct Deposits

Bill Payments Free

Free Stop Payments

Free Certified Cheques

Free U.S. or Canadian Money Orders

Free Bank Drafts

No Fee Traveller's Cheques

Free Night Deposit Banking

Tiered Daily Interest Paid (Regular Saving Rate)          

$100.00 Minimum for Term Deposit

Overdraft Available Upon Approval with Guardian Guarantor

Student Mastercard Available (upon Approval)


20 Free Basic Cheques

Passbook or Monthly Statement - Free

Deposit made By Mail or Post Dated - Free

On-Line Banking - Free                       

Debit Card Access with Guardian signature       

Daily Transaction Limit - $100.00 per day                          

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